I have always found iPhones gorgeous but the introduction of a rose gold hue to add to the collection was a game changer. As a lifelong fan, perhaps verging on addict, on rose gold I was excited to learn that Apple had decided to release this colour when releasing their latest model and couldn’t keep my hands off for long.


LIVE PHOTOS: Initially this was a feature of the 6S that I overlooked and it wasn’t until I owned the phone that this feature caught my attention. In laymans terms Live Photos act as a normal picture until you hold your thumb on to the screen and it plays back the first few seconds before the picture was taken like a video. This feature is gorgeous when used as a background and with Apple’s lovely preset backgrounds you have initially presented with a lovely selection of live photo backgrounds that can be used.

3D TOUCH: To put it plainly this app simply increases functionality. In a rush to take the perfect selfie when the lighting is just right? Rather than opening the camera app and flipping the camera to face you you can use a harder press and the “Take Selfie” option appears. Perfect for that Kim K moment. Whilst this is a great addition and is fun to use I often forget that it is there and is a case of remembering to use it!


BATTERY LIFE: Whilst the 6S definitely boasts a better battery life than my deceased 5C it is limited compared to my boyfriends 6. This may be down to the added functions and faster and more advanced processor but this is only a small difference and is still a vast improvement!

GRIP: Just like my previous 5C this phone is very very slippery to hold, making me, aka clumsy at heart, very nervous when holding this phone without a protective case. This gripe is aimed at iPhones generally and this can be found with most models since the iPhone 4.

Overall, this is an absolutely stunning phone and I am besotted already! It definitely draws attention and many people have complimented the colour, which looks gorgeous in the sunlight. I am sure I will love this phone for years to come…